For 25 years, we have attacked life as a team. Our adventures have extended across four continents. 

Join us as we share our travel experiences, family adventures, and appreciate learning about you.

LiveLife is a family friendly site designed to promote and exchange travel, photography, and life tips.

Brian Bahret, Founder

When we first married, we had no idea our life’s adventure would span four continents, 31 countries and 48 States. As a result of our adventures, we have developed a passion for travel with a knack for finding some incredible food along the way. 

Along with travel, we’ve been fortunate to capture some incredible images along the way, and will continue to do so. Some of the imagery is contained on this site.

If you’re looking for some travel tips, photography insight, life lessons or simply a repository to exchange ideas, you’re in the right spot.

We welcome you to share your experiences with us!